Local/State Priorities

In the communities we serve, Campaign for School Equity Advocacy, Inc., an allied 501c4 organization who shares CSE’s values, forms an advocacy strategy in response to the local education challenges and the legislative landscape.

Campaign for School Equity Advocacy, Inc. is prioritizing:

  • The pursuit of legislation to provide low-income students with access to high quality schools
  • Equitable funding for traditional and non-traditional public schools
  • Facilities access for local charter schools

Clergy for School Equity

In many communities, the development of a Clergy for School Equity coalition can deliver powerful results at the district, local, and state levels. Clergy know the true experiences at the community level, and they have an effective ability to unite. They see firsthand the bigger picture of unequal school options and are uniquely placed to unify and lead for a positive change. In line with our mission, we will empower them by educating with information as well as holding events to connect clergy with other like-minded members.

Students for School Equity

Often dismissed as powerless because they can’t vote, secondary students can actually be a strong voice for school equity. CSE convenes a local Students for School Equity group to engage and give voice to the high school students in the communities we serve. By partnering with local school leaders, CSE connects with students and engages them in a dialogue about the state of education in their community through the lenses of their experience and the direct impact on their lives. Similar to our work with parents, students will be educated, informed, and empowered. Students will be prepared to confidently have a voice in the important conversations impacting education in cities like Memphis. CSE will host training workshops, student voter registration drives, prepare students to testify before their local School Boards, and help amplify the voices of students.

Students for School Equity Survey

Memphis area High Schoolers, we want to hear from you. Complete the survey below for a chance to win a $50 gift card! Campaign for School Equity (CSE) will award a $50 gift card to one student every two weeks for sharing their thoughts on the state of education in Memphis. Simply complete this short 3 minute survey about education, so that CSE can hear from YOU!