Campaign for School Equity aims to ensure that all children, especially those of color, and families in Tennessee have access to high quality education choices by uniting communities of clergy, parents and students to raise their voices to create effective change.


Born from a national, maternal organization, Campaign for School Equity was founded by passionate Executive Director, Mendell Grinter. With increased demand for school choice initiatives in Memphis and Nashville, the dynamic organization will expand its… programs and offerings in Tennessee. As the CSE emerges, the need for equal school options grows. Until the leaders of our communities unite to create lasting policy change in Tennessee, the challenges for black students to receive quality education will not go away. The longer it takes to resolve; the more children and families are negatively impacted.


Mendell Grinter

Founder/Executive Director

Office: (901) 260-9683
Twitter: @mendellgrinter

Founder of Campaign for School Equity, Mendell prides himself on his dedication to community and deep roots in achieving school equity for students of color. His involvement with non-profit advocacy group Black Alliance for Educational Options as State Director in Tennessee and Kentucky, paired with his tenure at Students First NY as Deputy Chief of Staff, solidified his passion and unwavering commitment to children’s education. As an experienced advocate, Mendell’s leadership guides his work as the Executive Director for the newly established Campaign for School Equity in their fight to ensure access to quality schools. In addition to his career in education advocacy, Mendell previously served as a Field Organizer in Washington State on the Obama for America campaign in 2012.

In 2017 Forbes named Mendell to its 2017 Forbes 30 Under 30 list.