CSE Releases 2018 State of Equity in Education Report

Oct 31, 2018

Press Release

MEMPHIS, TN – Campaign for School Equity (CSE) has released its 2018 State of Equity in Education Report.

Introduced last year, the report outlines the current condition of education equity and access in Tennessee as it relates to student achievement, access to high-quality education options, school discipline, and teacher quality for students of color, English language learners, students with disabilities, and students who live in low-income households. The purpose of the report to provide educators and education advocates with information on how schools are currently performing and insight on where to focus their attention and efforts.

The 2018 report shows that, although there have been some improvements in policy and expansion of education options in Tennessee, there is still significant opportunity for equitable advancement, particularly in the areas of teacher quality and school discipline, throughout the state. It includes a set of priorities and tactics that CSE recommends for promoting more exponential growth toward delivering high-quality education to all students in Tennessee.

“We are pleased to make this invaluable resource available to educators, policymakers, and parents for a second year,” said Mendell Grinter, founder and executive director of CSE.

“It is an indispensable tool for designing effective strategies to improve outcomes for students. As the 2018 data suggests, progress for our state’s students, particularly students of color and students living in low-income households, has been too incremental. At CSE, we support and work for a strong policy environment and communities that will promote innovative approaches, further expand high-quality education options, measure progress with meaningful success indicators, and incorporate student and community feedback into policy decisions.”

Click here to download the report or view it below.

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